About Reign of Taco Ride

We are attempting to eat all the tacos in Portland Oregon in just 1 day by bicycle.
It's time to celebrate tacos and the awesome people who make them! So find your bike and organize your friends!

To participate:

  1. Register a team and account on this app here.
  2. Find a taco shop that you want to visit.
  3. Get on your bike and eat a taco.
  4. Come here to log your taco. Points are awarded for every visit!
  5. Repeat until you can't eat any more tacos.

There will be a closing ride and awards ceremony on Thurs 6/8 at 6pm, at Taco Gang (on Belmont & 27th)


Brought to you by taco-lover Joshua Force, in collaboration with Karl Freitag and Adam Novotny